Vicki’s Experience

Vicki Byrd stands with her arms crossed and a wise smile on her face in front of some red brick while wearing a light gray sweater with the words Texas Woman's University in maroon

Let’s Strengthen the Core

As a child growing up in Houston, my mother would say “Be mindful and stay centered.” I have come to know this meant for me to be in the moment and stay focused on what is necessary to complete the task at hand. This is what I intend to do to become the best representative of the City of Denton, City Council, District 1. I am going to stay mindful of the issues affecting us and stay focused on ways to resolve those issues as well as celebrate successes that occur here.

District 1 is the most diverse district in the CORE of the city, and all the people that live, work, and play here, simply want to be safe, profitable and secure. I want to help strengthen the core. We have streets to repair, economic development to address, infrastructure to upgrade, law enforcement to monitor, and support activities for families and children in the neighborhoods. I want to speak for those who feel they have no voice in their own community and it’s future. I support citizen groups that lobby to improve their neighborhoods and make the core of our city a better place to live, work and play.


Small Business Owner

My husband and I are retirees with the state of Texas and owners of two small businesses here in District 1. I am committed to growing small business investment in the city. To have a sustainable economy for decades to come, we need to have a thriving local business scene based around many different industries. I am excited to see small business opportunities that help increase our viability, which will someday mean many passionate and invested young people and new community members power not just our economy, but, I hope, also our city government.

Safety First

I will bring a background in Law Enforcement, Risk Management, Facilities Management, Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Safety and Health as well as Emergency Management to the City Council. Understanding that all those areas of expertise are connected, I will be cognizant of my responsibility of my duty to the taxpayers, as my areas of particular interest are infrastructure, justice, and human services.

My Family Pod

I have the most awesome, encouraging people surrounding me every day. I am a married (33 yrs) mom of two terrific adult daughters that graduated from Denton High. (Go Broncos!). They went to Alexander (Former Lee Ele), Ginnings Ele and Calhoun MS. They both work for businesses here. One makes custom cakes and the other is an outdoor adventurist. I am so proud of them. If I must and I will say…my husband makes the best smoked BBQ in town. Can I get an AMEN!


I have had the honor of serving the District 1 community these past 2 years. Thank you for your trust in allowing me to serve you in the most pragmatic, fair and sincere way possible.

Accomplishments include:

-Passing Non-Discrimination Ordinance designed to protect everyone.
-Advocated for SEDenton,
-Developed Sign Topper Program
-Introduced the concept of Quakertown Memorial
-Saw completion of American Legion Hall
-Improved Environmental Sustainability by approving the creation of the sustainability fund
-Passed a resolution in support of Women’s Rights
-Fought for better heath measures to deal with the end of COVID
-Called for an increase in Public Safety Spending
-Advanced opportunity for Collaboration with TWU/Besos Academy to assist in bringing more Pre-K classes to community and many more.

Community Service

My community service runs deep. I have always been encouraged to serve my community; of course starting with the Girl Scouts. My proudest opportunities came when I gained membership in a worldwide public service based Sorority and the local Noon Rotary Club. I have come to understand that “truth to power” came in the form of something called the “Executive Board.” I am proud to note a few local boards that I have sat on: TWU National Alumni Board, Habitat for Humanity, Denton Parks and Rec Committee, Morse Street BC Trustee, TWU Black Alumni and many others. I have always advocated for others.


My adult education began in 1983 as a student at Texas Woman’s University and earning a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology and culminated with a MA.Ed at University of Phoenix. As a retired Special Education teacher (Denton ISD) and current substitute teacher, educating the public of city issues holds a special place in my life’s experience. I am a lifelong learner. Being curious and living a learner’s life is very important to me.


If you can agree with these principles, please consider donating to the cause. I and the rest of District 1 deeply appreciate your support.

Let’s strengthen District 1 together.

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